After court case, now visa woes for wrestler Geetika

Geetika JakharNew Delhi: Agonies do not seem to end for wrestler Geetika Jakhar as her endeavor to qualify for London Olympics 2012 seems to have hit one more roadblock. After winning the case in the Delhi High Court, which entitled her for the last qualifying tournament in Helsinki, Finland where the tournament is scheduled to happen from May 5, her participation stands dicey as the embassy has not yet cleared her visa.

On being asked the reason for the same, Geetika said, “I do not know what is happening and the reason they are giving is that I filed my visa petition a little late. As far as I know, Finland visa is not that hard to get.”

All the other athletes of the contingent filed for the visa around April 25 and when asked as to why she got delayed in doing so, Geetika said, “How was I supposed to file for it when a case was still going in the court. I did not even know as to whether I would be cleared to participate in the event or not. And as soon as I was cleared, the association filed for it. I am seriously worried and do not know what to do.”

“This is the last qualification chance for me and had I not been fighting this case, I would not have arrived to this situation. Olympic is of such importance and my last chance at it stands dicey. The team would be leaving tomorrow and the authorities concerned said that they would take a final call on my petition tomorrow. I just hope that it gets cleared tomorrow, so that I can leave day after and be well on time for my May 5 bout,” added Geetika.

Earlier Geetika earned her participation rights for the tournament after she beat Alka Tomar in a bout held on April 19 to select a wrestler in 63 kg weight category to represent India at the meet.

However, the Wrestling Federation of India declined the result and ordered a rematch citing a technical point. Geetika cried foul saying that the federation was favoring Alka and decided to take the route of law to fight for what rightfully belonged to her. She filed a petition in the Delhi High Court which overruled the decision and asked the Wrestling Federation of India to allow her to go for the tournament.

By Samikshan Dutta Choudhury
Indian Sports News