IPL has all the ingredients of a blockbuster



Indian Premier League (IPL) is no doubt the biggest cricketing extravaganza of India and perhaps the world as far as domestic leagues are concerned. It has set new benchmarks for the shortest form of the game and is in fact becoming every cricketer's eye candy.


Since its advent, IPL did face lot of controversies but never failed to fulfill whatever it has promised. BCCI the brainchild behind the tournament had a lot of influence to take it to the spot where it is right now but that never has been the sole reason.


Indian Sports News has zeroed down on some points which it thinks has made IPL “the IPL” as we know it. This is a speculative list and can be argued. Let us run through the points we think has been behind the grand success of IPL.


Money and IPL, both these elements go on a parallel line. The league is one of the richest tournaments of the World and is the richest amongst the cricket tournaments that happen around the World, international or domestic. The league is cash rich and does offer a lot of money even to the lowest rung of players.

Interesting format:
IPL which somewhat follows the format of English Premier League has been an instrumental force behind the grand success of the tournament. It helped the people to actually relate with the teams and vouch for its respective state.

When it was announced for the first time, it created such a buzz that it indeed felt like a carnival. IPL did a lot for promotion and has been rewarded likewise. Even now when the buzz has been created and not much promotion is required, it still does a lot on that part with ads on radio, pre events build ups. Even different teams have different kinds of promotions which does actually engross the fans in knowing actually is happening with the teams and try and be a part of it, which ultimately does a world of wonders to the tournament.

International stars:
IPL makes it sure that they never back down from their promise and since the time this tournament started, they have made it sure that international stars kept coming and becoming a part of the lucrative league. Indian National Team cricketers with foreign international worked as a perfect cocktail to add to the popularity of the tournament.

Strong vision:
Even amidst all sorts of entertainment, alleged scandals and more, IPL never disintegrated itself from the main objective that it cricket. Level of cricket is extremely challenging and one could see that the players never fail to perform to the best of their abilities. This kind of competition makes it even more desirable for the whole fraternity.

Strong administration:
IPL is a very well organised tournament and seldom did any ever complained about the way it is organised. Everything is systematic and done with great precision. One example to that it when in 2009, IPL was a threat of getting cancelled due to terror threats, Latil Modi, the supremo of IPL then dealt the matter with strong fist and organised the tournament in South Africa which eventually turned out to be a huge success.



By Samikshan Dutta Choudhury

Indian Sports News