IOA rubbishes reports regarding Ethics Commission

New Delhi: Indian Olympic Association (IOA) on Tuesday rubbished RK Anand’s assertion that it (IOA) knew about Ethic Commission's 'suspension' of Suresh Kalmadi but deliberately held it back.

“I am surprised by this malicious statement of Anand.  Nobody ever sent me a note or gave me the copy of “disbanded’ ethics committee’s report regarding Mr Kalmadi and others,” IOA Acting President Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra said in a statement.

“In the General Body meeting of the IOA held on December 16, 2011, it was decided to revamp and reconstitute all the committees and commissions (including the Ethics committee and Court of Arbitration Commission.)  Mr Anand was very much present in the meeting, why did not he raise this issue then and there”.

“What prevented Mr Anand to tell the house about the report of the Ethics commission, which he is flaunting know. Why he maintained silence on this issue which he is raking up now.”

“As mandated by the General House, I reconstituted the commissions and committees and specifically mentioned that rules of these committees/’Commissions will be framed shortly”.

Prof Malhotra said it is intriguing that while RK Anand kept quiet when the house decided to recast the commissions, he has now started a mudsling campaign against the IOA. ”I emphatically deny any knowledge about the report of this disbanded commission,” said Prof Malhotra.

He   also expressed his displeasure about dragging the names of the former judges in this issue. “In my six decades of public life, I have always held the Judiciary in highest regards. I have utmost respect for former judges also. I have never cast any aspersion on present of former judge(s).”

“All the (retired) judges were retained in both the enlarged committees. So where is the question of doubting them,” he asked.

“IOA has kept the International Olympic Committee (IOC) informed about the developments and Mr Anand need not give us threat on this issue,” Prof Malhotra said adding, “We are in constant touch with the IOC.”

He said the Executive Board of the IOA is meeting shortly to discuss all these issues.

Prof. Malhotra urged the members to maintain unity and decorum. “I appeal all the members to maintain the unity of the IOA and not give the chance to the vested interests who want to take over the IOA and National Sports federations (NSF) or dilute their autonomy.