Baseline Bombers, Accurate Aces score contrasting wins

Arun-Prakash-of-Accurate-Aces-serves-as-Sriram-Balaji-looks-on-against-Ramkumar-Ramanathan-and-V-M-Ranjeet-of-Vibrant-Volleyers-Arun-and-SriramPune: SakethMyneni-led Baseline Bombers and SriramBalaji-inspired Accurate Aces scored contrasting wins on the opening day of the 3rd edition of the Amanora Premier Tennis League at the Deccan Gymkhana courts here on Friday.

While Baseline Bombers completely vanquished Sharp Smashers winning 30-18 on games won in the five-match rubber, Accurate Aces sneaked through to 24-22 win over Vibrant Volleyers later in the evening.

Accurate Aces began well with RishikaSunkara beating Natasha Palha 6-3 after surviving some tense moments, but Aces were left to wonder when Volleyers rallied brilliantly to eke out two straight wins to lead the match score midway through.

ChandrilSood’s 6-1 win over TejasChaukulkar widened the gap a tad too much for Aces and then their star player SriramBalaji lost to RamkumarRamanathan in tie-break to leave the match tantalizingly poised.

Both Balaji and Ramanathan played their hearts out to force the tie-breaker which Rananathan won 7-4.
Vishnu Vardhan brought Aces back into contention when he paired with Eetee Mehta and beat AnvitBendre and ArantxaAndrady 6-4.
It all boiled down to the final men’s doubles which without doubt turned out to be the most entertaining match.
SriramBalaji and ArunPrakash took 5-1 lead before Prakash’s service was broken. At 5-3, Balaji served out the set and the match for Aces’ 24-22 win.

Bombers beat Smashers

In-form SakethMyneni, who played for Pune team in the just concluded Champions Tennis League, fired aces after another to beat Davis Cupper Sanam Singh 6-3 that really underlined Baseline Bombers’ prowess.

Bombers went on to win all their matches to register an empathic 30-18 win over Sharp Smashers.
RashmiTeltumbde had provided an Impressive start to Bombars’ campaign when she beat SharmadaBalu 6-4 in the women’s singles.

The first men’s singles pitted Vijay SundarPrashant and Vijayant Malik and the played entertaining tennis before Prashant got the edge over his rival and sneaked in for a 6-4 win.

SakethMyneni then took the court sent down his powerful serves to beat Sanam Singh 6-3 as Bombers extended their unbeaten run.
Rupesh Roy and PrarthanaThombare carried on the good work done by their singles players and won the mixed doubles contest 6-4 without breaking much sweat.

Saketh then paired with Kedar Shah to shut out the Smashers’ duo of PC Vignesh and Sanam Singh 6-3 to give his team a splendid start to the league championship.

Accurate Aces beat Vibrant Volleyers 24-22

RishikaSunkara beat Natasha Palha 6-3
TejasChaukulkar lost to ChandrilSoodbt 1-6
SriramBalaji lost to RamkumarRamanathan 5-6 (4-7)
Vishnu Vardhan and Eetee Mehta btAnvitBendre and ArantxaAndrady 6-4
SriramBalaji and ArunPrakashbtRamkumarRamanathan and VM Ranjeet 6-3

Baseline Bombers beat Sharp Smashers 30-18

RashmiTeltumbdebtSharmadaBalu 6-4
Vijay SundarPrashantbtVijayant Malik 6-4
SakethMynenibtSanam Singh 6-3
Rupesh Roy and PrarthanaThombarebtAakashWagh and SowjanyaBawisetti 6-4
SakethMyneni and Kedar Shah bt PC Vignesh and Sanam Singh 6-3