Livguard partners with twin sisters Nungshi and Tashi Malik for their final leg of mountaineering expedition – ‘Mission 2 for7’

Cultural-Ambassadors-of-Livguard-Nungshi-and-Tashi-MalikNew Delhi: Livguard, the upcoming Automotive Battery brand, on Friday announced its association with 23 year old twin sisters Nungshi and Tashi Malik.

The Everest Twins, as they are commonly known as, are now embarking on their final leg of ‘Mission 2for7’ with mountaineering expedition to Mt Vinson Massif, Antarctica’s highest peak in early December 2014. With the successful completion of “Mission 2for7” they will become the world’s first twin sisters to step together on the highest peaks of the 7 continents with twin vision - to promote mountaineering as a sport and voice the cause of woman empowerment. In May 2013, at age 21, twin sisters Tashi and Nungshi became the World’s first twins to successfully climb Mount Everest.

They are the world’s first twin sisters to have scaled the highest peaks in Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe and Australia including an unclimbed, unnamed peak at 21000 ft ‘alpine style’ in Indian Himalayas. With this final Leg of the “Mission 2for7” to Mt Vinson Massif, Antarctica, the twin sisters’ name will appear in the mountaineers coveted “Hall of Fame”. At a young age of 22, they have made the highest number of World records in mountaineering by any Indian, conquering all odds of unfavorable terrain, life-threatening climb risks and innately adverse weather conditions that the snowcapped mountains offer.

Speaking on the final Leg of the Mission 2 for 7, the twin Malik sisters univocally opined “First of all, we would like to thank Livguard for the massive support and encouragement that they have extended to our ‘Mission2for7’. We are now all geared up to scale Mt Vison Massif, Antarctica’s highest peak which offers its own unique set of challenges and avalanche including 22 hours of broad daylight, many polar high-pressure systems and temperatures varying from 20F to -40F.

“Seeing is believing”. By our world record feats in mountaineering - an area demanding extreme physical and mental capabilities and very high degree of risks, we want to show that girls can compete on equal footing with men even in areas traditionally seen as ‘men’s forte’.”, they concluded.

Mr. Rakesh Malhotra, Founder, Livguard commented, “We are immensely proud to rope in the Evertest Twins as our cultural ambassadors. Our collaboration with Nungshi and Tashi Malik perfectly blends with our brand ethos “Always charged”, promoting a culture of spirit, bravery, endurance, adventure, audacity and woman empowerment that we as a brand stand for. We salute the spirit and the enthusiasm of the twins and the humble cause of protecting woman’s rights which they are incessantly fighting for. The successful climb of the Seven Summits will go down in history as one of the finest international mountaineering achievement by Indian women.”

The twin sisters also deliver gender related talks at schools and social forums to directly appeal to parents and stakeholders to change their ‘angle of vision’ and see the girl child as a most trusted source of love, joy, progress, and strength. They are also forming the Nungshi Tashi Foundation, which will work towards empowering women and promoting outdoor sports.

They are World’s First twin sisters to conquer Mt Everest (Asia), Mt Elbrus (Europe), Mt Aconcagua (South America), Mt Carstensz Pyramid (Australia), Mt McKinley (North America), Mt Kilimanjaro (Africa), including a 21000 ft glacier in the Indian Himalayas.