Random House India announces acquisition of Yuvraj Singh’s memoir 'In Different Form'

New Delhi: Random House India is delighted to announce the acquisition of Yuvraj Singh’s memoir In Different Form, to be published in December 2012.  Open, candid and intimate it will be a remarkably personal account of his journey through cancer – from denial and acceptance, from his battle to defeat the disease to the struggles he still faces. 

“If I think of it my life is full of words beginning with C.  I was born in Chandigarh, I became a cricketer, and through my decade as an international cricketer all I craved, along with the rest of the India team, was the Cup…This story, though, is about the new C in my life.  It is the story of my cancer.”

For the first time Yuvraj will tell, in his own words, the real story behind the 2011 World Cup when on-the-field triumph hid increasingly puzzling health problems and worrying illnesses.  He will reveal how, plagued with insomnia, coughing fits that left him vomiting blood and an inability to eat, he made a deal with God on the night before the  final to give him the World Cup, and in return God could take anything he wanted.  He will speak honestly about the fears, doubts and lows he experienced during chemotherapy – when he lost energy, lost his appetite and lost his hair – and he had to battle to find the will to survive.  And, most importantly, he will speak to other sufferers to help them come through the sadness, loneliness, fear and desperation of cancer.

Like Lance Armstrong’s It’s Not About The Bike, In Different Form will be a brutally honest account of a sportsman fighting not for victory, but for his life.

Milee Ashwarya, editorial director for Ebury Press, Random House India acquired the memoir from Shruti Debi at Aiken Alexander India.  Ashwarya says: “In Different Form helps us understand Yuvraj as a cricketer and as a person through his most trying times.  I felt Yuvraj’s story needed to be told, and we at RHI are delighted that he has chosen us to help him do that.”

Yuvraj Singh says: “From the World Cup to cancer, the last two years have taught me a lot. In the team I am someone who feels I can help youngsters with what I have learned from my mistakes and always keep the team in great spirits. After cancer when I found out how many cancer patients there are in India, I learned that I belong to a much bigger group of people. I can imagine they may be lonely, confused, scared. So, I wanted to share my ups and downs. Guys, we are one team. I am thrilled that Random House India have joined me in giving shape to this book. I am thrilled also at the coincidence that they published Lance Armstrong’s book. I can’t wait to see this book become a reality.”

Random House India will publish In Different Form on 12th December 2012 in hardback and also special leather-bound edition.