Gautam Gambhir takes the fast lane, tests his skills on the racing track

Delhi: Indian Premier League winning captain Gautam Gambhir has been in the driver’s seat in recent times, and now he’s quite literally in it.

The Red Bull athlete and top Indian cricketer took a trip to the headquarters of energy drink, Red Bull in Salzburg, Austria where he got a completely new experience that took him away from the world of cricket.

Gambhir who is normally used to driving between the covers and down the ground, actually took a 4X4 SUV along the off-road course at the Red Bull Ring at Speilberg near Salzburg. It wasn’t perhaps as smooth as a trademark Gambhir pull, but then that was also the idea.
The course which has tested the skills of even professional drivers was rather well negotiated by the man, who undoubtedly is more used to dealing with the bounce and turns on pitches instead, across the world.

Gambhir on his experience at the Red Bull HQ said, “After the end of the IPL season and especially after winning it, this certainly was the perfect holiday. When you visit a place after doing really well in your profession and the place is completely opposite to what you get back home, it’s a great relief. I am very happy and completely relaxed after the whole IPL craziness.”

Ever since leading the Kolkata Knight Riders to victory in the fifth edition of the Indian Premier League, Gambhir has been walking in the clouds. But at Hangar 7, he had a chance to fly among them. Taking off from one of the most popular tourist spots in Salzburg – Hangar 7, where aircrafts from across the Red Bull world are displayed, the Delhi native took a ride around the city of classical musical master, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birth.

For the first time in a helicopter, one would say that Gambhir seemed pretty collected post his ride, “Oh it's been an outstanding experience, being on the helicopter for the first time. There was one spin over the headquarters which was a little scary, but otherwise as I said: The first experience was fantastic. It’s been a relaxing few days. Now I head back home, for some training sessions to get ready for the long season that starts in July.”

Gambhir who has been a Red Bull athlete since early 2012 was making his first trip to the home of the energy drink.  With a busy cricket season that will see the ICC T20 World Cup and then the challenging home series against England, Gambhir will definitely see this as a way to vitalize himself for the competition to come.



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