Deepika’s link up & break up stories hardly bother the Padukones, says her golfer sister Anisha

Deepika Padukone, link ups and break ups aren’t something that bothers her sports family. From Ranbir Kapoor to Yuvraj Singh and the Sidharth Mallya, the family has seen all through all these years of her Bollywood career. Saying that she and her family hardly reacts to such news, Anisha Padukone, the younger sister of Deepika said, “In film industry every actor is linked with his or her co-star. I think it comes automatically in Bollywood. Linking one with the other is a part of this industry. It is unavoidable. We have got used to it. So, it doesn't bother us.”

According to a report in The Times Of India (Delhi Times), the golfer daughter of All-England champion Prakash Padukone, is close to her actor-sister and says that Deepika’s celebrity status doesn't interfere with their relationship.

Anisha is not also interested in making a career in Bollywood, as her love for golf is too strong and she wants to get into the professional tour and reach the zenith in the game. “Right now I am preparing for the Bangalore tournament after which I will travel to Hyderabad for another one. You will not see me in films at all. I want to be a professional golfer," says Aanisha, who is ranked ninth on the amateur tour.

Meanwhile, Rajya Sabha MP Sachin Tendulkar’s refusal of government accommodation in Delhi has led to fingers being pointed at celebrity MPs who have homes elsewhere, but have accepted plush houses in the Capital, says a report in HT City. Tendulkar was offered a five-bedroom colonial bungalow along with 24hour security as part of the perks of being an MP, but he refused the offer saying that it would be a waste of tax payers’ money as he resides in Mumbai. “It would be better if the bungalow is allotted to someone who needs it more than me,” he was quoted as saying.

Lyricist Javed Akhtar and actor Jaya Bachchan, both sitting members in RS, have a house in the Capital. When Javed Akhtar was asked if other MPs should emulate Sachin’s gesture, he was livid. “What’s your problem or anybody’s problem? It’s a pure waste of time to talk about it. It’s a non-issue. There are so many serious problems in India and this is the issue that concerns you?” he asked, says the HT City report.