Al-Qaeda plotting cyanide attack for Olympics?

London: As Britain prepares to host the London Olympics, some fanatics related to the terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda seem to be plotting a deadly cyanide poison attack.

Extremists on a website with links to the terror group have posted detailed instructions on how to cause carnage at this summer's Games, the Sun reported Monday.

The online plot was uncovered as two convicted Al-Qaeda terrorists were released early from jail and put back on the streets ahead of the Olympics. The specific nature of the "cyanide slaughter" web posts suggest they should be taken seriously by the security services, the report said.

The poison should be mixed with a handcream that would enable it to be absorbed through the skin, said an extremist, describing himself Abu Hija Ansari.

Writing in Arabic, Ansari said: "Through skin: 1 - cyanide, 2 - skin cream. Mix the ingredients. The skin cream will open the pores in the skin and speed up the absorption and effectiveness of the poison."

Plotters should wear "medical gloves" when producing the lethal mixture, he suggested.

"It is a good idea and you need to plan well," a second extremist said.

She added under a logo of the 2012 Games: "It's time to prepare for the event, as once again they are interfering with innocent Muslims."

The London 2012 Olympic Games are scheduled to be held between July 27 and Aug 12. (IANS)