Pouget takes another step towards title at Le Castellet

Pouget takes another step towards title at Le CastelletDavid Pouget repeated his pole position-winning form in the second qualifying session. With a best lap of 2:27.854s, the Frenchman started ahead of Adrian Schimpf. Luca Franca was initially third but was penalised two places behind Jerzy Spinkiewicz (Uniq Racing) and Nicolas Milan for impeding another driver during the session.

The poleman held on to the lead at the start in an unchanged top four, while Alexandre Albouy gained one position to move into the top five. Thanks to the slipstream effect, the gaps remained small throughout the field, and the first battle at the front was between Jerzy Spinkiewicz and Nicolas Milan for third place. In their duel, the two drivers overtook Adrian Schimpf at the end of lap two before the Spaniard immediately reclaimed the position.

The battle for the podium's third step allowed David Pouget and Adrian Schimpf to pull away, but it also benefited Luca Franca. The Italian surprised Florian Coruble (GM Sport) and then Alexandre Albouy (GPA Racing) to regain fifth place. Alexandre Albouy retaliated a few laps later, overtaking Luca Franca and Jerzy Spinkiewicz. The battle intensified before the safety car intervened after Florian Coruble retired following contact with Alejandro Schimpf (AST Competition) and some debris on track.

David Pouget mastered the restart, using all his experience to break the slipstream of his pursuers in the final two laps paid off, as he went on for the win ahead of Adrian Schimpf, Nicolas Milan and Jerzy Spinkiewicz in a leading group that was covered by less than a second at the chequered flag. Initially fifth, Aurélien Renet (JSB Compétition) was penalised ten seconds for a false start, demoting him to 23rd place. Alexandre Albouy inherited fifth place, followed by Mattia Lancellotti (Faro Racing) and Racers Cup competitors Luca Franca and Alex Lancellotti (Faro Racing). Alejandro Schimpf and Leonardo Arduini (MC Motortecnica) completed the top ten.

With today's success, dedicated to the rally marshall who tragically lost his life on Saturday at Rallye Terre des Cardabelles, David Pouget took another step towards the Clio Cup Series super-winner's title. The Frenchman could clinch the title as early as next Saturday in Zandvoort.


By also winning the Clio Cup France, David Pouget reclaimed the lead by four points from Nicolas Milan, who finished runner-up on Sunday. The podium was completed by Alexandre Albouy, now third in the general classification. In the Challengers Cup, Florian Venturi (GM Sport) inherited victory after the penalty incurred by Aurélien Renet to take command of the category. Meanwhile, Jérémy Bordagaray claimed his eighth win in ten starts in the Racers Cup to seal his title mathematically against his last rivals, Lionel Viguier (T2CM) and Fabien Julia (LR Performance), ahead of the season finale in Barcelona (10-12 November).


Saturday's winner, Jerzy Spinkiewicz doubled his tally by dominating the proceedings to win ahead of Challenger Mattia Lancellotti and Racer Luca Franca, whose Clio Cup Italia title is not yet assured. His remaining rival will be Giacomo Trebbi (MC Motortecnica), third behind Mattia Lancellotti and Leonardo Arduini on Sunday in the Challengers Cup, now led by Mattia Lancellotti. In the Racers Cup, Luca Franca honoured the crown he had won the day before with another victory ahead of Alex Lancellotti and Quinto Stefana (Milan Compétition).


Like the day before, Adrian Schrimpf led from start to finish to win in Clio Cup España, this time ahead of Alejandro Schrimpf. While Alejandro Schrimpf leads the general classification, his twin brother now leads in the Challengers Cup, where Lydia Sempere (AST Competition) completed the podium. Third on Sunday, Jérémy Bordagaray was in control of the proceedings in his category and mathematically secured title in the Racers Cup - as in Clio Cup France.

Clio Cup Series will be back in action next week in Zandvoort (Netherlands) for the eighth Clio Cup Europe meeting of the season and the Clio Cup Mid-Europe season finale.