Heena gets Olympic quota ahead of RVS

Heena Sidhu gets Olympic quota ahead of RVS
New Delhi
: It is decided than; Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore will not lead India’s charge in the London Olympics as the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) has decided that it will be the young pistol shooter, Heena Sidhu who will get the quota place.

NRAI announced that Heena was the unanimous choice as her recent form has been terrific. There were reports that Army wanted the quota place earned by Imran Hasan Khan to go on another army man and to RVS.

On her inclusion Heena said, “I think the quota place was given on the basis of performance and nothing else. I have put my heart and soul to get the quota place and I am thankful to the NRAI that they decided on my name.”


On her replacing Imran Hasan Khan she said, “Look, I have been working very hard from the past three years to win a quota place and I feel happy that I got it. I do understand that giving the quota place to someone else will hurt but one should understand that the place does not belong to an individual, it belongs to the country.”

“It should always go to a person who has the maximum chances of winning the medal for the nation. If the same thing happens to me I will feel bad, but there are some decisions that can’t be made on emotions”, she added.



By Indian Sports News