Harsha Bhogle: The man at commentators' end

Can you imagine how cricket would have been without Sachin Tendulkar? Can you imagine how cricket would have been without commentary? Can you imagine Commentary without Harsha Bhogle? Well, I can’t. With most of the men/women in the box have donned the whites or colours of their country and post-retirement moved from pitch to the box whereas Harsha Bhogle is one of those persons who hasn’t played the game. He along with having a good understanding of the game has the command over language and fast witted comments to make it perfection.

Harsha Bhogle was not a journalist since he started his career and only a few people know that he is a chemical engineer and a graduate from IIM Ahmedabad. He started his work in an advertising agency followed by working at a sports management company. He is known for his neutral and allied commentary, unlike many others who are known for “Country Centric” commentary. He has often been praised and criticized for the same. Recently he was removed from IPL’s commentary team since his words were not “Indian-centric” and many famous people like Amitabh Bachchan and MS Dhoni criticized him for not doing so. For me that is beguiling and profound, it’s good to be your team fan but it’s more important to be a sports fan.

He except for being a good commentator and salubrious knowledge of game has quite witty responses with some of them being:

When Geoffrey Boycott stated that Sachin’s name is not on Lord’s hall of fame.

“So whose loss is it Sachin’s or honor boards”

When Naseer Hussain tried to take a dig at India not playing at the FIFA World Cup

“Well Naseer, our boys decided not to participate instead of getting knocked out in the first round without winning a game”

During India-England test where India was struggling to keep the game afloat whilst co-commentating with Rahul Dravid

“The only man who can save the match is the man sitting next to me”

In a match where Ashwin and Dhoni were at the crease and their running between the wickets

“Dhoni is extremely quick between the wickets and Ashwin, well let’s say he has other skills”

After Sachin Tendulkar hit his trademark straight drive

“When Sachin hits a straight drive the world seems all the more beautiful”

These quirky and witty replies and comments show how eminent he is in the box.

Harsha Bhogle since his arrival in the commentators’ panel has been an integral part of the box but since few allegations and vexation by the Indian supporters and significant personalities he has been out of scene and we don’t hear those witty replies to the co-commentators, epigrammatic description of players and not to forget the invaluable and the pragmatic explanation of the situation and the game. For the viewers who are watching from their home commentary is the best way for the understanding and analysis of the game. Today there are very few commentators who are cricket romantic and he is one of those and long gone are those days when people used to watch cricket for the love of the game and not for the love of country. As I earlier mentioned it’s good to be your country’s fan and supporter but in the process, you shouldn’t forget the love of the game. There are “a few good men” left in that box and we don’t want them to disappear too. To conclude it all I don’t need to say much it’s Harsha Bhogle one of the few quotes who’ll sum it all

"Very few people think that cricket is about emotions. Eventually, all sport is about emotions of winning and losing, of joys and disappointments, about the aspirations that are dashed."