ICC World Cup T20: Its More than Just a Game

Seven Indian cities are preparing themselves to host the sixth edition of the ICC World T-20 tournament; not to mention the one billion excited people looking forward to cheer the Indian cricket squad play on the popular greens of the country.

As the Indian team warms itself for the game, India prepares itself to host the T20 World Cup for the very first time. Cricketers from all over the world, representing their soil, have landed in India, gearing up to engage the worldwide cricket fans in some slam-bangs of cricket for the next one month.

Featuring sixteen teams from across the world, this game, which is nothing less than a religion in India, will be played from 8th March to the 3rd of April, 2016. The World Cup 2015 saw India going all guns blazing as the team made some noteworthy bowling performance records and some brilliant team executing which earned applause and respect alike. World Cup T-20 has been garnering a lot of happy attention with some expected pressures being built on the Indian Cricket Team.

Sports is a cruel master! Out of the 16 teams playing, the super 10 (top 10) were chosen purely due to merit while the remaining 6 will have to go through the qualifier round which have started on March 8. As this cricketing extravaganza grips the nation, even Google has joined in the spirit with an interesting doodle on their welcome page.

The blue-eyed boy of Indian Cricket, Yuvraj Singh makes a comeback with the ICC World Cup T20 2016. A man who has successfully mauled both the bowlers and cancer alike, has an ever increasing fan base and an aggression which takes the game to the next best level. As the Indian audience wait for him to recreate his winning aggression after his low personal phase, Yuvraj Singh will hopefully not disappoint these loyals.

Australia and Pakistan, the other favourite competitors have also been in the buzz; the former for announcing the return of Shane Watson to the game, and the latter by the sole reason for their existence! These two teams, dominated by strong players and games well played, make for great cricket matches along with team India.

The schedules have been announced and the tickets are already up for grabs on popular platforms like BookMyShow. Team India has new jerseys and emotions are riding high. What remains to be seen is if Dhoni and his boys can revise their success story in their own county all over again. We can only just pray and cheer as we plonk ourselves in front of our TV sets this march onwards!