Getting into golf was tough initially: Smriti Mehra

Smriti Mehra was the instrumental force behind giving Women Golf Association of India the kind of push it required to the level where it is now. Smriti, who has been playing golf since the time it was an unknown entity, has been one of the pioneers to develop Women’s golf in India. The seasoned golfer had been a trendsetter and qualified for the World’s biggest tour, The LPGA in 1998.


In an interview with Swati Kapur of Indian Sports News, Smriti talks about her experience, determination and more. Excerpts:


ISN: You are the first woman from India to play in LPGA. How tough was it for you to play in a tour which is much tougher than the domestic Indian Tour?
It was not that easy but then I don’t remember really how tough it was. Everybody sets out to conquer their endeavors and the path I chose required a lot of determination.  I did what had to be done and jumped a lot of hoops to reach where I am.

ISN: But during your time not many people played golf and Ladies golfers were rare species. How did you make up your mind?
Yes people were not even aware and when I left India everyone told me that I would fail including my mother. But criticism filled me with more determination and motivated me to do better.

ISN: You have always been known as someone who is always jovial and not let pressure affect that much whether it is a bad day or a good one. How is it that you manage to remain so calm and composed?
See everyone is under pressure and so do I. But then I make it a point not get too troubled by it and take it just as tournament and do the best I could do. If I win great, if not then there is always a next time.

ISN: What is your life’s mantra?
It sounds so exciting to hear something like Life’s mantra. But on a serious note, policy of my life is to stay courageous and vouch for my integrity.

ISN: Could you please tell us about your golf coaching centre?
It’s not a coaching centre. I have few kids who I train. The basic idea is to help underprivileged kids learn the game and play golf. Golf is a phenomenal game and I want these kids to learn so that they could make a living out of it and most of all a better human being

ISN: Even after achieving so much, how do you keep yourself grounded?
I am a very down to earth person and I guess that what helps me in keeping my feet grounded.