I am going to try my best to make it to the Olympics: MC Mary Kom

By Ronisha Bhattacharrya {googleAds} {/googleAds}

MC MarykomMC Mary Kom has no ordinary story to tell.  Her story spells hard work and perseverance. Having nailed the title round in the 6th Asian Women Boxing Championship, she still feels ‘Miles to go before I sleep’ in a conversation with Ronisha Bhattacharyya of Indian Sports News, EXCERPTS:

ISN: You are a mother of two and there are no doubts that you are doing great professionally. You have just nailed the Asian Boxing Championship at Mongolia, what does it take to be here?
Mary Kom:
It is a lot of sacrifice and support that is required, a constant endeavour from my family so that I could focus on my game and not be bothered elsewhere. My husband has constantly supported me and without his support it could have been very difficult to be where I am today.

ISN: Travelling back to time, once you were off to Asian Women’s Boxing Championship in Hissar and you lost all your passport and luggage, how did you manage to concentrate and play your game irrespective of the fact that you had lost all of your belongings?
Mary Kom:
Oh yes, I remember that incident (laughs briefly) I had indeed lost most of my belongings, but my family supported me and soon I was playing my game.

ISN: How does it feel to nail the championship yet again?
Mary Kom:
It feels very nice and I’m extremely elated to win the title.

ISN: So the Olympics qualifiers are up scheduled in the month of May, how hopeful do you feel?
Mary Kom:
I am very hopeful that I won’t be disappointed. I am going to try my best to make it to the Olympics.

ISN: Though a lot of women from the North Eastern part of India do play sports, but as a woman boxer how do you feel to fight at an international level and even win it? What do want to tell all those women who get inspired by you every day?
Mary Kom:
I love my sport and I know woman are still in a lot of places are considered unequal and are not allowed to do what they want, but my counter is if men can do it, why can’t women? I wish all those women luck and want them to pursue what they are the best are.