I'm looking forward to participate in Olympics: Heena Sidhu

I'm looking forward to participate in Olympics: Heena SidhuPistol shooter Heena Sidhu is the latest edition in the Indian shooting team that will compete in London Olympics. She talks to Gaurav Jha of Indian Sports News about the quota place that was given to her, the expectations from the shooting team and much more. EXCERPTS:

ISN: You have made it to the Indian shooting team for the London Olympics, how do you feel?
It feels great. It’s an honor to represent your country in the biggest sporting event and I am looking forward to participate in that. I feel very happy that the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) decided on my name and I will try my best to achieve what is expected from me. NRAI has helped me a lot and I am thankful to them.

ISN: What can we expect from the shooting team in the coming Olympics?
This time the result will be better than the previous two times, that is for sure. Even on the worst day our shooting team will win at least two medals. I can assure you that every member in the team who will board the plane for London will strive hard to win the medal. I know that the expectations from us will be high and I can assure you that we will not let the nation down.

ISN: Who do you think has the best chance to win the medal according to you?
Everybody, all the players who are going to London have it in themselves to win a medal on their own. Believe me good things will happen this time.

ISN: What according to you is the reason for the shooters getting so many quota places?
It did not happen overnight. We did get more quota places compared to the last two times. All the shooters are working hard toward a common goal and it is a slow and a steady process. I can assure you that the next time the number of quota places will be more than this time.

ISN: You won a gold medal in Commonwealth Games. Do you think that experience will help you when you will compete in London?
Winning a tournament always helps you. I have played in World Cups and World Championships and have performed well there. But one thing that I would like to say to you is that the Commonwealth Games is like a baby in front of the Olympics. Olympics will be much tougher and cannot be compared to the Commonwealth Games.

ISN: Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore was also in the race for the quota place that was given to you; do you think it will put extra pressure on you?
I don’t think so, and I have not given it any thought. I think the quota place was given on the basis of performance and nothing else. I have put my heart and soul to get the quota place and I am thankful to the NRAI that they decided on my name.

ISN: You got the quota place that was won by Imran Hasan Khan, how would you feel if you win a quota place and it is given to someone else?
Look, I have been working very hard from the past three years to win a quota place and I feel happy that I got it. I do understand that giving the quota place to someone else will hurt but one should understand that the place does not belong to an individual, it belongs to the country. It should always go to a person who has the maximum chances of winning the medal for the nation. If the same thing happens to me I will feel bad, but there are some decisions that can’t be made on emotions.