Too much of everything is bad, and that goes for cricket as well

Too much of everything is bad. And one can prove it by citing the example of cricket in India. Look what too much of cricket has done to India. It has not already made Indian cricketers prone to injury and fatigue, but has reduced the viewership drastically.

First let’s talk about the Indian players.  I do not think so any cricket playing nation has such a tight calendar throughout the year. One can say that Indian Board acts as a pervert when it comes to setting up the calendar. And this tight schedule has it toll on Indian Team. Right after the 2011 World Cup, the IPL season started and all the players made it a point to play their because of the big buck. And then started their tour West Indies and then to England, then West Indies came home, and England came for ODI series and now they are in Australia.

Well now this choking schedule saw India take an injury stricken team to England and most of the vital players had to sit out of the tour due to injury resulting in a humiliating defeat. Now what made them injured? Obviously too much cricket!

Now even though they are athletes and most of them are in their prime, but the body has a certain tolerance capacity and you cannot push it beyond that. And if you opt out there is a chance of you losing the spot forever. So players hide their injury and play which eventually leads to injury and prove detrimental at vital times just like the England tour.

Now coming to viewership, it is not me who is saying that but the research and general observation that shows the diminishing interest of people in cricket. There were times when even Australia-New Zealand match went housefull, but now India taking on England fails to draw enough crowds at the Eden Gardens. One more prime example is IPL. During the first two-three season one literally had to fight through to get tickets but now the stands go unsold.

Too much of cricket has also led to fall of interest in the local level. People earlier used to flock around stadiums to see their state take on their rival state but now you do not find any soul around as no one cares to know as to who is playing. Rather they would think they should try to something productive. The craze for cricket is diminishing and the BCCI should look into and should curb this overdose menace or it would come down to a day when they would have to go door to door knocking for sponsors and viewers, not forget injury free players.