IOA suspension is very embarrassing: Mahesh Bhupathi

New Delhi: Ace Indian tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi feels said the suspension of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) is very embarrassing and is a “culmination of dirty politics.”

“I saw the news posted on twitter. I am not sure who is personally responsible for this but from what I hear and read, it’s a culmination of dirty politics,”Bhupathi told in an exclusive interview.

The IOA was suspended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after the latter found irregularities with the Indian body’s election process and for not following Olympic charter. And if it was not all, the apex body for boxing, the AIBF also faced provisional suspension on the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (AIBA) due to apparent manipulation with the elections.

"I am not sure when this has happened last to any country, not being able to represent India for the sportsperson at any international meet is punishing and for absolutely no fault of theirs," he added.

The 39 year old tennis player however said that it is blessing in disguise as long as someone in a position to make a difference takes the lead and starts cleaning up the mess one by one.

"I have always said it needs to be a mix of sportspersons and business-savvy folks; once this is done, I am sure we will change the culture in India.

"If it is done it will be a very unique achievement and nothing special or unique is easy to do, but it can be done," he added.

By Indian Sports News Network