Roger Federer: A tennis player par excellence

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Roger Federer is one of the most celebrated athletes in modern sport. The man plays one of the toughest individual sport and his achievements on the tennis court is unbelievable. If Micheal Phelps is synonymous to swimming, Usain Bolt for 100 and 200m sprints, than Federer holds the title in men’s tennis.

Federer has 17 Grand Slams title, most by any man. He has some terrific records to his name --  the number 1 position for more than 291 weeks, a 237-consecutive-week stretch at the top from 2004 to 2008, reaching the finals of each Grand Slam tournament at least five times are some of the records that this man from Switzerland holds.

Federer recently won the Cincinnati Open to add one more feather to his cap. The Only thing that eludes this great man is an Olympic gold in singles category. He was very close to that title in London but was beaten by local hero Andy Murray in the final.

After winning the silver medal at London Olympics, Federer said that he wants a gold and will come back to win it. Sports fan will know that tennis is one game which is getting competitive by each passing day. With younger and stronger players like Djokovic, Nadal, Juan del Potro, it was said that Federer will find it tough to win Grand Slams.

Gossips that Federer’s best was over gained speed as Federer failed to win a Grand Slam title for two years after his Australian Open win in 2010. But Federer changed all that by winning his favorite Grand Slam, The Wimbledon for the seventh time. Tennis takes a lot out of a player both mentally and physically and Federer’s career shows that if a man is focused and is willing to sweat it out than there is nothing which can’t be achieved.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why this man is one of the greatest sportsperson of all time:

Ultimate Competitor: This man is an ultimate competitor. His rivalry with Nadal is simply great to watch, Federer has been involved in some of the best matches and more often than not he emerges on top. The best thing about Federer is that he never forgets his defeats. He defeated Djokovic in the semifinals of the Wimbledon to avenge his losses to the Serbian.

True Gentleman: There are always some role models in every generation and Federer is truly a role model for this and coming generations. It is inspiring to see how Federer holds himself both on and off the court. He never seems to lose his temper on the court and is respected among the players. A great champion always knows how to behave himself in public and Federer for sure knows that.

Class: He is a class apart and his record proves it. He has held the number one spot for a record 237 consecutive weeks. He has won 17 Grand Slam titles and no other player in history has won more titles than him. He struggled from 2010 to early part of 2012 to win Grand Slams and it is his class that he came back ever so strongly to win the Wimbledon.

Ability to handle pressure: Federer knows the art of handling pressure better than anyone else. It has been seen in past that he is very good when it is down to crunch situation. Winning one Grand Slam requires a lot and he has won 17 and that proves that the man has got the nerves of steel.

Hunger: Like all great sportsman it is the hunger that keeps Federer going. It would have been easy for a man who holds most of the records to hang his boots but Federer wants to play and more importantly he wants to win. He sets huge targets for himself and strives hard to get them. An Olympic gold medal in Rio is not impossible for this great man.

By Gaurav Jha
Indian Sports News Network