London Olympics: India vs New Zealand:Players to watch out for...

After losing 2-3 to Netherlands in their opening round match, India would be looking forward to bring their campaign back on track when they take on the Black Sticks in a crucial match.

India would have to win the match if they want to keep themselves in contention, but then it would not be that easy as the Black Sticks beat India 5-1 few months.

India would try and avenge that loss and for New Zealand they would want to repeat their feat.

Both the teams have some great players at their disposal and the outcome of the match will depend as to how these players perform.

Here are some of the players to watch out for


Sardara Singh: One of the craftiest players of the era, India's hopes lie on him as to how does he performs today. He is the backbone of the Indian midfield and his main job would be to create moves and link between the defendes and the forwards. In the last match, he drifted too much on the flanks and he should avoid that today.

SV Sunil: Sunil, the star Indian forward who had a great run at the Azlan Shah Tournament failed to live up to his expectations in the first match. He did make some valiant attempts but could not succeed. Lot would be expected from him today and deft touch and blistering pace does make him a potent force. He will be looking forward to make his mark in London and if he can play to his ability then Black Sticks will find it hard to contain him.

Sandeep Singh: The drag flicker started as a substitute in the last match against everyone’s expectation. But then when he came on he did not prove to be much useful. Sandeep Singh was the highest goal scorer in the Olympics qualifiers held in New Delhi would want to do something like that in London as well.He would also be responsible for thwarting the New Zealand attack.

New Zealand:

Phillip Burrows: The striker playing in his third Olympic Games is most experienced player of the side with 280 appearances for his side. He has scored 134 field goals and comes into the Olympics with great experience. He would be definitely be a player that India would have to watch out for.

Dean Couzins: Playing since 2001, he also would be coming into the match with lots of Olympics as this is his third Olympics too. Couzins, the mainstay for New Zealand defence will be responsible to stop Indian forwards.

Ryan Archibald: The second highest capped player of the team, Ryan is the man behind their midfield. Known for creating good moves and piercing passes he would be a player to watch out for.

By Indian Sports News