Laxman all geared up for upcoming season

New Delhi: With Team India all geared up for a grueling home season in the coming days, Indian batting stalwart VVS Laxman looks all determined to exorcise the ghost of the last season and is up for the challenge.

VVS Laxman in an interview to Wisden India that he was in a good mental shape and is looking positively at the upcoming series. “I am in a good mental space, I am looking positively towards the upcoming season. It was definitely disappointing, especially what happened in Australia. Personally, I went with a lot of hope. It was a dream of mine, and the entire team, to win the Test series in Australia and I thought we had a great chance,” Laxman told in the interview.

“It's very important that we start the season with a positive frame of mind because we have the same teams to whom we lost badly, England and Australia, visiting India this season. I think it is very important that we take it series by series, starting with New Zealand. I hope that we make amends for what happened last season,” he further added.

Talking about the long break after the Australia tour, Laxman said that it was an unexpected one as he thought that he would play in the IPL. But nevertheless it gave him a time to be with his family and also do some introspection on the past season. The break also saw him visit the National Cricket Academy, Bangalore four times which helped him to be in a carry out his fitness regime and be fit for the upcoming season.

Laxman who is now 37 said that his body is in great shape and his training at the NCA has helped him keep his back problem at bay. “I think the body is actually in good shape. I am surprised at what I have been able to do, especially at training. I have probably not done this kind of training for the last three years, since I started having a back problem. But especially in the last one and a half years, from the South Africa series of 2010-11, I have spent a lot of time at the NCA and my back has luckily held up well. I managed to play the entire season without any problem. Even though we played 12 Test matches, I did not struggle with my back at all. That was a good sign,” he further added.

By Indian Sports News Network