Isn’t it the right time to nurture Gambhir as a new Indian Test captain in place of Dhoni?

When India lost eight consecutive Test matches, every cricket ‘pundit’ in India was debating on the captaincy issue and was after Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s head. Dhoni, who led India to two World Cup wins, had come under severe criticism for his leadership qualities during the tours of England and Australia and was being criticized for having a laidback attitude and not willing to take the initiatives. Dhoni was accused of being negative and his batting also came under scrutiny. But the nightmare ended with the start of Indian premier League and the over 50 days episode made public and critics forget the same.

People who were earlier asking questions about Dhoni’s captaincy in the past have now come out in support of the person who took his team, Chennai Super Kings from nowhere into the finals of the tournament.

Apart from Dhoni another captain who made his name in this season is Gautam Gambhir whose heroics won Kolkata Knight Riders their first title. The captaincy issue did surface again but with a different angle as to if Gambhir was capable enough to replace Dhoni in Test format. Gambhir is a spirited cricketer and seems to have what it takes to be successful as a Test captain. But the same old cricketers who raised doubts over Dhoni’s captaincy are saying that he should be given more time.

The latest to join the group is legendary Indian leg-spinner Anil Kumble. Kumble has said that Gambhir has the credentials to do well, but Dhoni apart from the eight losses, has done well to continue leading the side.

But the question that comes to mind is at what level should a captain fail so that we can replace him? It is true that Dhoni has been a phenomenal captain for India. He took the Indian team to unimaginable heights and we all are very thankful to him. But that is a thing of past and we should think about the future.

If eight consecutive losses do not put a captain’s place in danger, what will? It wasn’t just about the losses, it was the manner in which India lost. They virtually surrendered in all the Test matches and the Test matches rarely went into the fifth day. The team was outplayed in all the department and our captain just followed the same old policy and refused to make any changes.

Dhoni has himself admitted that his batting is not suitable for seaming conditions and that sends a wrong signal across the team. India will play New Zealand in the conditions suited to them and India will win the series easily until something dramatic happen. Dhoni will once again be cherished as a captain, but what will happen when we will tour South Africa.

People should remember that Dhoni asked for time and did not lead the side in Australia and hence Kumble was named the captain. Shouldn’t we provide our next captain some easier tours.

By Indian Sports News Network