I always look up to MS Dhoni for advice, he is a commendable captain: Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has come a long way in the last three years. From being a just another bright prospect, he not only consolidated his position in Team India in all formats of the game, his temperament, his achievements and his consistency even prompted the selectors and the management to promote him as MS Dhoni’s deputy in the Asia Cup.

Showing much maturity while talking to the media, Virat Kohli speaks about his aggression, captaincy issue, Dhoni, Yuvraj, Gambhir, Tendulkar and many more. Excerpts:

Virat Kohli & aggression:
My aggression is my strength. It's because of this I have achieved so much on the field. I have always played cricket like this and will continue to do that. I just need to take care of that fine line and should not cross it.

On the debate over the Test captaincy:
It is the selectors who will decide that and I don’t want to speak about it. As per MS Dhoni, he has been a fantastic captain till now. He is one of the best captains that India has ever produced. He has achieved almost everything and his record as a skipper is incomparable. I seriously do not understand why people are questioning him as a captain. According to me, he hasn’t done much wrong since the time he took over as India’s captain.

Dhoni & Virat:
I always look up to MS whenever I need any advice. He is a great guy and helps everyone. It has been very good for me that I have played so much under his captaincy, as I have learned a lot from him. He is Captain Cool and has a lot to offer to other players like me.

BCCI and Arjuna award mess:
I haven’t played for records, rankings or awards. In fact I wasn’t aware of all this. If you ask me, I am happy with my present achievements and the way I am going about in my career. If anyone deserves this award the most in the team, it’s Yuvraj Singh.

Gautam, Virat & captaincy issue:
Gautam Gambhir is a special player who can mould himself according to the situation. Why is he only good to be a Test captaincy? His records in other formats are equally good. He has shown his leadership qualities in T20 in IPL-5. He is a great player in any format of the game. But then I am not to decide on the selection matter or on the captaincy issue. It’s for the selectors to take a call on that.

Bond between Yuvraj & Virat:
He is one person who I look forward to for advice. I talk to him on a regular basis. He is an experienced player and has played so much of international cricket. He always thinks good for his team-mates. Everybody is praying for his swift comeback into the team.

Sachin Tendulkar and records:
As per the records, I might have scored more hundreds than what Sachin scored at that age, but we all know scoring 100 hundreds is something which is a huge task. I don’t think anyone can ever do that in the near future.

Style icons in Team India:
Sachin Tendulkar and Zaheer Khan are very well dressed guys in the Team. But then everyone in the team has a style sense and I don’t think anyone in the team needs a makeover.

BCCI and changes in the domestic format:
I fully endorse the changes that have been suggested by the technical committee led by Sourav Ganguly. If it is for the good of the domestic circuit then why not have it.

Fitting into Rahul Dravid’d shoes:
It will always be a big task to fit into his shoes. It will definitely be an added pressure to fill into Dravid’s role but then players come and go and we can’t help it. I am feeling confident about myself and hope I justify my position in the team.

Virat and Ads: It is a question often asked but don’t know why. I perform on the field and that’s why I get ads. The day I will stop performing, brands will stop endorsing me. I sign ads depending upon my time management. I don’t let my practice suffer. We need to maintain a balance. Instead of going to parties and wasting time, I prefer practising. 

Euro Cup: I do follow soccer a lot. Portugal is my favourite team. I loved watching Chelsea. I am looking forward to watch and play against Drogba in the T20 Pepsi football this Sunday.

Olympics: Every player in the team watches that. It’s a mega event and we do follow Indian players and athletes. I wish them all, especially Saina and Mary Kom best of luck and hope they do us proud by winning the medals.

Favourite between Tests, ODIs & T20s:
It has to be Test matches. That’s the ultimate thing for a cricket player. Though I prefer all formats, playing in Test gives you the ultimate high. I used to hear that until I experienced it in Australia.

By Rakesh Jha
Indian Sports News Network