Virat Kohli the new vice-captain of team India

New Delhi: Virat Kohli is having a time of his life. He is the only Indian batsman to score a century on the Australian tour and he has achieved the feat twice. The century that he made against the Australians in the Test match virtually cemented his place in the national side and the last century that he scored in the Hobart one-day has given him the esteemed position of vice-captaining the Indian team in upcoming Asia cup.


Kohli has been playing well from a long time, but this Australian tour has given him a different stature in Indian cricket. The innings that he played against the Sri Lankans was one of its own and is already being considered as one of the best one-day hundred scored by an Indian.


Indian cricket team is going through a horrendous time and Virat Kohli is the one name that stands out from the rest of the team. The decision that the Indian selectors have taken may surprise a few and Kohli would have been one of them as there are a few more contenders for the job.


Gautam Gambhir has always been the vice-captain of the side whenever Sehwag was missing from team. But, this time it will be different as his Delhi mate is going to take the job that he has been doing from so long. If Kohli continue his magical run there are chances that in a year or two he will be knocking the door for captaining the national side leave alone the vice-captaincy.



By Indian Sports News