Pin high gets into Gladiator round in PTGL South Zone

Bangalore: The most cheerful Pin High gang of Karnataka Golf Association eased into the Gladiator round of Purvankara Touche golf League. Their score of 25.5 points in the matchplay format in the Cavalry round at Bangalore saw them carving their way for the final at Sri Lanka's Victoria Golf & Country Club. Pin High defeated Putt Pirates by 3 points, who came second with 22.5 points. David DSouza’s who played exceptionally well in the infantry round couldn't take his Vela Warriors to Gladiator round despite winning 3 of his games. They came third with 13.5 points. Jhooj Gara Sangha gang took a back seat for the fourth place with disappointing 10.5 points.

Pin High gang didn’t come back with the great score cards in the beginning but after getting four score cards with 2 and one with 1.5 points, the turning point finally came when Shamsher Puri and Shyam Powar returned their cards after winning all their 3 individual matches. 

Vivek Verma, captain of the winning gang said, “It’s great to see our gang winning from 3 points. I am surprised that it was very difficult to get even a single four ball 6 years ago when we started this gang and now we are almost 20-24 people in our gang. Being a captain, I feel each member of this gang is like my family and now I want our family to win the award of best gang of India. 25.5 points is quite a commendable score and it does reflect the team effort put in by us.”  

Pin High Gang will now compete against R11 Ambush from North Zone, Willy Warriors of West Zone and Golf Sarkaars of East Zone in Gladiator round at Victoria Golf & Country Club, Sri Lanka in December.