Kolkata Ballbusters Gang steals the show on day one at PTGL East Zone

Kolkata: Kolkata Ballbusters Gang started off impressively on the day one of Puravankara Touché Golf League, East Zone at Tollygunge Golf Club today. Ballbusters Gang hit a superb round of 141-over for the total of 841 at the par-70 course to take the first infantry round lead while Golf Sarkaars Gang, who is also known as the strongest Gang of Kolkata shot 150-over 850 for the second position. G-8 Gang was 29 shots behind the leader to end in third position with the score of 870 and Royal Warriors Gang shot 194-over 894 for the fourth place.

Harmeet Sahney who shot four-over 74 registered best score of the day. He has played at Tollygunge for 10 years in his early days before moving to RCGC. Sahney, who chose his gang’s name after looking at few websites said, “I am quite amazed to see that I shot the lowest score today because the course was extremely tough not just for me but for every single player. If you ask me about the best gang of Kolkata, leaving my score, I think our Gang still didn’t play as per their potential and that’s all I can say after looking at the leader board. We will have a couple of better players tomorrow and I am sure we will continue to hit some good birdies to be on top.”

G. S. Baweja, captain of the runners-up gang looked disappointed while watching a hole-in-one missed by his teammate Jaideep Chitlangia on the 18th green. Baweja said, “I am so proud of my Gang. If somebody talks about golf in Kolkata, he has to talk about our gang because the name of our gang straightaway comes from Aveek Sarkaar who is editor-in-chief of the Telegraph newspaper and he is not just the best editor but also a very good golfer. 10 out of 16 people from our gang is on the committee of Royal Calcutta Golf Club which itself is a great honour. Whether we played the best game today or not but there is no doubt about being the best Gang in terms of making great strategies for upcoming golfers of Kolkata.”

Total 22 Gangs were playing simultaneously at Tollygunge and RCGC today and they all will fight against each other tomorrow at both the courses out of which, four gangs will qualify for the Cavalry round which will be played by the end of this month.