Doping: IOA demands for stringent action

New Delhi:  Indian Olympic Association (IOA) today expressed grave concern over the reports of 10 kabbadi players and three athletes who have tested positive and asked the federations concerned to take strict action against the guilty sportspersons.

“We should have a zero tolerance for those who test positive and there is no question of showing leniency to those sportspersons who bring shame to the country," IOA Acting President Vijay Kumar Malhotra said in a statement.

“No more excuses from any quarter will be entertained  because doping  is just  not acceptable” Prof Malhotra said adding,  “IOA will not spare any guilty persons involved in this disgraceful activity but before that it will like to know the full facts.”

“We want sports to be drug free. India is a party to the International Charter on this issue,” he said but admitted that this was not the first time that sports has been disgraced in India but wanted to know what the officials responsible for training and coaching of the sports persons doing in this regard.

He said what has shocked him that these sportspersons have flunked the dope test barely couple of months after some top sports persons were caught and were punished. “It seems these players had not learnt any lesson or were led to a garden path by some misguided officials.”

Prof Malhotra said there seems to be a big scam behind this drug scandal in which not only the athletes but other officials are also involved.

He reiterated his demand for a comprehensive inquiry to expose the nexus between the medicine (drug) suppliers, coaches, doctors, other officials along with involved sportspersons.

He said while IOA  is not taking  the issue lightly, nor will it sweep the matter under carpet. "We demand Sports Authority of India (SAI) to come out with full facts on this sordid issue and what action it was proposing against its own officials who are responsible for running the camps.”

Prof Malhotra also asked the National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) to take action against the guilty persons quickly. “There is no use of keeping the matters pending for months together which sends wrong signals to guilty sports persons and officials.”