Touche Golf League: Bendits take lead on day 1

tglHyderabad: Bendits gang of Boulder Hills Golf Club came up with a total nett score of 445 to finish atop of day one of Touche Golf League 2012 infantry round in Hyderabad today. Parxlens gang submitted a card of 470 as a total nett score to finish second while Scottish Sultans were 16 shots behind to came up as third with a total score of 486.

3rd String gang fired a total of 495 to end the day as fifth while Happy Golferz gang came sixth after scoring a total of 531. A gang of the most impressive name as Young Rookies and Old Cookies finished the day at the bottom as they scored a total of 534.

About 8 gangs participated on the first day of Hyderabad leg today out of which 2 gangs named Golf Buddies international and Apple Golfers could not make the cut for the next day.

The fight to qualify for the Cavalry round in Bangalore next month will be continued among the six gangs tomorrow.

By Indian Sports News Network