Former selector Kiran More hails Mahendra Singh Dhoni for his brilliant captaincy

Former selector Kiran More praised Mahendra Singh Dhoni for his brilliant captaincy and also hailed him as one of the best captains that India has ever seen. He acknowledged his courage to come up with something new which makes his captaincy looks quite different from the former Indian captains.  He went on to rate him as the best finisher and also appreciated his hard work with the gloves that he do day in and out for the Indian team in all the formats.

More was quoted by Hindustan Times saying, "Dhoni is so smart and reads the game well. He has got his own ideas and believes in his team and himself and that is what makes him a good captain. He has got plan A, plan B, plan C ready with him. He has a young team and he is backing them up. There is a daring in him and he takes chances.”

More went on to say, "He is a finisher and comes to bat at number six or seven, which is the most difficult position. He is street smart and he reads the game well. He knows what is going to happen from the first ball till the fiftieth over. He knows all his equations and implements his plans well and that is why he is so successful."

According to a report in Indian Express, speaking on split-captaincy, More said, "I don't think we need split captaincy at the moment. Dhoni is doing a brilliant job. I believe he is a captain who carries the team so well. All the players respect him. The way he has handled the Indian team in the last five to six years has been brilliant. For me he is one of the greatest captains India has ever produced.”

More, who was the chief selector when Dhoni was picked in the India A team for the Kenya tour almost a decade ago, said there was some opposition initially to pick the Jharkhand player as Deep Das Gupta, also from East Zone, was in contention for a place.

"There was some resistance. Deep Das Gupta was playing for East Zone. He had done well and had scored a century against England. But then it was a team decision. Sometimes you agree and sometimes you don't. At the end of the day everybody agreed to have Dhoni in the Kenya tour," he said.