Good tennis matters more than good looks, says Sania Mirza

“Good tennis matters more than good looks,” says the Indian tennis sensation Sania Mirza in the context of the remark made by the BBC commentator's on the looks of Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli. Sania praised Bartoli for doing what suited her rather than following a set of norms in order to become a Champion.

Mirza was quoted by Indian Express saying, "Bartoli did whatever suited her. She even trained differently and that's why she's a champion today." She was quizzed about the difference between two finalists of Wimbledon Bartoli and Sabine Lasciki and she replied, "The experience Bartoli got from losing the 2007 Wimbledon finals helped her beat Lisicki as the latter was just overwhelmed by the occasion."

Sania had a bit of a experience against Bartoli as she had defeated her in 2005 and she also believes that women’s tennis is much more competitive than men’s tennis, she was quoted by Hindustan Times saying, "Unlike the men’s competition, the very fact that you don't see only certain women dominating all the tournaments only means that the competition is immense.”

After sustaining frequent injuries, her non-participation in single’s event has been a huge setback for her and Sania is currently playing only in doubles tennis but that doesn’t blemish her confidence which she is going to carry in next month's US Open, a tournament where she hasn't gone past the quarterfinals.

"My body doesn't allow me to play singles now, but I'm training very hard and hopefully, I will get fit enough to play it again," she said.

Meanwhile an autobiography of her is set to release in the coming months in which she has penned down the tough times that she has gone through before climbing the ladder of the success. Recent reports in The Hindu quoted her saying, "The whole point of writing the book is to clarify certain things, because I've gone through many hardships and there has been a lot written about me that actually isn’t true and most of it isn’t fair either."

With a lot of fuss going about the technology in cricket, she feels that atleast for tennis hawk-eye is nothing less than a boon. She concluded, "With the hawk eye, the umpire can feel a little more relaxed as they know that even if they do make a mistake, it won't cost a player the match. Also, it's really beneficial for me as I tend to play close to the line and many times, calls don't go in my favour."