The case of V.V.S. Laxman needs special attention, BCCI could have handled it in a better way

When on song, VVS Laxman batted as if with a violin bow, caressing the ball by bisecting fielding positions at ease, says a report in The Hindu, adding that he didn’t have to manufacture a stroke; it came naturally to him. The Hindu adds, “Cricket in India has always been more about emotion and less about performance. A cricketer is not a mere player here but a star. In such a situation, ego issues are bound to crop up. Agreed that in most of the cases, it’s a hollow clash of snobs but the case of VVS Laxman needs special attention.”

“One gets the impression that it is a lack of proper communication that has hurt his ego. Apart from his wristy batting, his percentage of winning matches for India is high. He certainly deserved better handling. The fact that he played for 16 seasons shows his ability to perform consistently when things looked lost. Always maintaining a low key, he is a cultured person who made his bat speak for him. Unlike many others, he never used the media to project himself. To him, contributing to the success of his team was most important. He didn’t seek attention and yet made his presence felt,” says the report, adding that the case of Laxman could have been handled in a better way.

Meanwhile a report in The Times Of India says that VVS Laxman may have left the Indian cricket scene quietly, but the BCCI is planning a grand reception for the Hyderabad stylist, adding that there will be a felicitation of the batsman in Chennai on September 10, a day ahead of the final T20 game between India and New Zealand.

"It's still at a planning stage. We would like to have the players of both the Indian and New Zealand teams for the programme. We had given receptions to all our top players, starting from Sourav Ganguly, Anil Kumble to Rahul Dravid. Laxman, too, is in the same league, and we want this to be our token of appreciation for the player," says the TOI report, quoting a source.