If you are a good batsman, 20 overs is a lot to prove: Ajinkya Rahane

Ajinkya Rahane played a gem of an innings for Rajasthan Royals in their match against Kings XI Punjab. Considered to a batsman with pure cricketing shots meant for longer version of the game, Rahane however says that 20 overs is a lot and there is no need to panic.

Ajinkya Rahane believes in keeping it simple, says a report in The Times Of India. “The idea is to keep it simple. There is a lot that you can do in 20 overs.”

On Friday, he did do a lot. A rocking 98 was good enough to seal the issue for Rajasthan. “It was disappointing to miss the century,” he said, “But then, the team won and that was the biggest achievement. When you score a century and the team loses, it is of no use.” Rahane said.

Meanwhile Hindustan Times writes that in this mix of the old and the new, the likes of Dravid, Sourav Ganguly and Virender Sehwag have a big role to play in nurturing their side. And, the crowd too is loving it. On Friday, when Sourav Ganguly and Virender Sehwag came out for their respective teams, they drew huge applause.

"It is helping that the new generation is being 'introduced' to spectators with the seniors around. The Dravid-rahane combine, the other night, was just the mix everyone wanted to see. People came to see Dravid and they got introduced to the mercurial Rahane, whose stint with the India team was short-lived," writes HT

Sunil Gavaskar in his column in The Times Of India writes that spinners will succeed on tired wickets in the ongoing IPL. "At the fag end of the Indian season, the pitches will be tired and dry and so the spinner is going to be more useful than the quicker bowlers, who will only go even quicker off the bat. Team Kolkata have the advantage of having most of their batsmen being able to turn their arm over and that gives Gambhir plenty of options," writes Gavaskar, adding that Pune Warriors captain Sourav Ganguly quickly realised that spin was the way to go to defend the smallish total and Murali Kartik bowled superbly to show that if some bias against him is removed, he is still the best left-arm spinner in the country.