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Siddharth Sharma DgcThe ‘Grand Old Lady’ turns 100 this year. The name of this beautiful lady referenced here is ‘Usha All India Ladies Amateur Golf Tournament’. Golf has always been considered as a game of the elite class of society. With the changing scenario of sports in India, Golf also wants its share to reach among masses and create an environment where even middle-class people with minimal facilities can experience the game usually played by Rajas and Maharajas in Pre-independent India.

On the occasion of the inauguration of 100th All India Ladies Amateur Golf Tournament promoted by Usha International, Indian Sports News had an exclusive chat with Siddharth Shriram, President of Delhi Golf Club and Promoter of Usha International.

Speaking on future of Golf in India, he emphasised this game has the potential to contribute as a source of revenue in the growing Indian economy. He said, “Golf can be a multi-billion exercise and it can be developed as Golf Tourism in this country. India is going to be the third largest economy and this game can generate a huge amount of money in this growing economy and can develop even tourism avenues.”

Shriram also appreciated the effort of present government towards the development of Golf. “The present government is taking sports very seriously these days. With the rise of so many games, they have assured to develop golf as a game which would reach the masses.”

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Usha International has always supported this game and this is the 29th edition of All India Ladies Amateur Golf Tournament when this is sponsored by this company, which specialises in consumer goods, largely targeting ladies. Speaking on why this company focuses mainly on ladies tournament, he said, “Basically the main consumer of our products are ladies and this company always believes in Women Empowerment. This is also a reason we have supported this tournament for the 29 years without a gap.”

Shriram praised the Delhi Golf Club as one of the 100 best Golf Clubs in the world. “It is a history in the making when under my presidentship, so many players have earned a niche for themselves and player like Aditi Ashok is an inspiration for many girls playing this tournament to turn professional golfer.”