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London: The All England Club, Wimbledon announced that the total prize money at this year Wimbledon Championships will see an increase of 10% and as compared to 2011’s £14.6m, this year it will be £16.1m.


There will be an increase of money for the singles players who would be knocked out in the qualifying round or early rounds of The Championships and they would get an increase of 26% from the last year.


The Men’s and Ladies’ Singles Champions will each receive £1,150,000, an increase of £50,000 from last year.


“Wimbledon continues to be successful and we are delighted to share that success with the players by increasing total prize money by 10%, the largest increase since 1993. At the same time, we appreciate the need to help players meet the rising costs associated with professional tennis so the majority of the record £1.5m increase will be distributed to those who are knocked out in the early rounds of The Championships,” as Philip Brook, Chairman of the All England Club and The Championships was quoted by

By Indian Sports News Network