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Considering the way Novak Djokovic performed last year and his currentyear’s form, all eyes would be glued on him at this year’s Wimbledon which isjust 36 days away. Djokovic from Serbia is the current World number one andwould enter this year’s Wimbledon as the reigning champion.

Djokovic, who dethroned Rafael Nadal of Spain from the number oneposition began his year by winning the Australian Open. He defeated Nadal, whois currently ranked two in the world in the finals of the tournament and afterthat he could only win the Miami Open and lost two. Before the Wimbledon,Djokovic would be trying to claim his first French Open title something whichthe World number two Spaniard has made his forte for last few years and has hisauthority stamped all over the tournament.

But then while talking about Wimbledon, it is a total different storyand even though he lost at the Monte Carlo to Nadal, the Serb would still holdan edge over Nadal as well as other players in the tournament.

Djokovic won 10 titles last year including the Australian Open,Wimbledon and the US Open and all three finals were won against Rafael Nadal.He is the only sixth player in the open era of tennis to have won three GrandSlams in a year.

Djokovic finished with 70-6 record last year and won six finals againstRafael Nadal. Going by the current trend in the World tennis, Djokovic is thebest bet at the Wimbledon this year and Nadal, Andy Murray and Roger Federerhave been his fiercest rivals and where does he stand against them.

Out of his three rivalries, the one with Nadal is the fiercest one. Bothof them have met 31 times with Nadal enjoying an advantage of 17-14. But thenthat hardly comes into consideration as he is the first player to have beatenNadal in three consecutive Grand Slam finals. Nadal enjoyed a better record ongrass over Djokovic but he still lost in the last year’s Wimbledon. And alsothey have met in seven grand slam finals from January 2011 and January 2012with the Serb winning all. So that fact would definitely play on Nadal’s mindand he would definitely be wary of that.

Former World number 1 Federer enjoys a 14-11 advantage over Djokovic butthen would not bother him much as he has emerged successful over the formerWorld number 1 in big ticket events. They never met on grass, the playingsurface of Wimbledon and also going by their current form it does not look thatFederer could pose much trouble to him.

And talking about world number 4, Andy Murray, he has a better trackrecord over as he won on eight occasions while losing five. Murray has won mostof his matches on the ATP Masters 1000, while at the grand slams he has beencompletely dominated by him with the last one being the Australian Open finalin 2011.