Hossein hits first century of the Asian Snooker C'ship

Hossein hits first century of the Asian Snooker championshipGoa: Teenage snooker sensation from Iran, the reigning IBSF World Snooker Champion, Hossein Vafaei Ayouri, who is top seeded for the 13th ONGC Asian Under-21 Snooker Championship took the centre stage on the third day of the week long ‘green-baize’extravaganza here at the Clube Tennis De Gaspar Dias Miramar, Goa on Wednesday morning.

Exploding into a spell of immaculate potting, coupled with perfect cue-ball control, Hossein reached peak concentration methodically compiling a 137 break in the very first frame of his best of seven match against Marcus Lim Wei Jie of Singapore. Pocketing the first red with the blue ball, Hossein piled point over point covering each subsequent red with 10 blacks, 3 pinks and a yellow to reach 110, followed by a clean sweep of all colours. He was roundly applauded by the spectators who were lucky witness to this superlative effort.  The following three frames were a mere formality as he registered a 4-nil victory on one table while Hossein’s compatriot from Iran, Slyavosh Mozayani, however, was subjected to a crushing defeat at the hands of Akani Songsermsawad of Thailand on the other table.

Having pocketed the first frame with no difficulty at all, Akani was a picture of concentration in the second, even as he seemed to be transported into the ‘zone’.  A superbly crafted 128 break was the natural product of Akani’s near perfect exploitation of the balls.  Trailing by 0-2 frames, Slyavosh had no answer to this tremendous onslaught from Akani. Nevertheless, the Iranian had a semblance of a chance in the fourth when he lead by 52-36. Yet it was here that Slyavosh fumbled on the colours stage of the frame, and Akani completed the formality by potting the crucial pink ball to run away.

In the 11th ONGC Asian Billiards Championship 2012, former World Champion, Peter Gilchrist of
Singapore, who is a purist’s delight was almost at his best against Arun Agrawal ofIndia.  The match which was absolutely vital for Arun to win ultimately petered out in the form of a one sided contest in favour of Gilchrist.

The first game of the best of seven 100 up match did see a good fight between two pure billiard players but actually this was due to an eventful incident which just happened.  Needing just 8 points to pocket the first game, Gilchrist landed himself in a situation where the balls, having rolled unkindly, was faced with a difficult red pot into the bottom pocket.  In trying to judge the correct contact point on the object ball Gilchrist suddenly turned towards the Referee, Mr. I.S. Malik, as if to be asking a question. Actually, he was just trying to balance himself for the critical shot which would have resulted in him scoring the needed points to clinch the game. The referee queried and Gilchrist just nodded to say that he was not asking any question, but in the process, his concentration wavered ever so slightly, leading him to miss the shot.

Pouncing on the lucky chance, Arun was going about his task, scoring nicely, but suddenly he fumbled on a simple shot and Gilchrist completed the formality to take 1-0 lead.  Displaying his famed silken touch Gilchrist gave a exhibition of flawless cue-delivery easily wrapping up the second game too.

The third game saw Gilchrist at his brilliant best, scoring most of his points on the top table with crisp spot potting, delicate nursery cannons and chiseled regular ‘in-offs’ into the top pocket, whenever forced to break the top-table sequence, in the bargain compiling a neat unfinished century break.  By now, Arun had resigned to the obvious and Gilchrist closed the match 4-nil win.

Results (Under-21 Snooker)

Hossein Vafaei Ayouri (Iran) beat Marcus Lim Wei Jie (Singapore) :: 4-0 (137(137)-00, 75(50)-28, 77(54)-10, 72-51)
Anda Zhang (China) beat Abdulla Nabil (Saudi Arabia) :: 4-0 (80(64)-04, 76-25, 79-34, 87(79)-06)
Akani Songsermsawad (Thailand) beat Slyavosh Mozayani (Iran) :: 4-0 (72-00, 128(128)-00, 57-14, 73-52)
Amir Sarkhosh (Iran) beat Mundir Sherazi (India) :: 4-1 (128(73)-00, 51-66, 111-14, 84-19, 65-34)

Results (English Billiards)

Pankaj Advani (India) beat Suriya Suwannasinh (Thailand) :: 4-0 (101(80)-86, 100(95)-31, 100-85, 100(85)-12))
Peter Gilchrist (Singapore) beat Arun Agrawal (India) :: 4-0 (101-69, 100-32, 101-46, 102-43)
Praput Chaithanasukan (Thailand) beat Sasan lashkari (Iran) :: 4-0 (100(100)-00, 100(73)-08, 100-09, 100(94)-05)