Cool down after a sizzling day of tennis as Djokovic and Kyrgios Share a Lighthearted Exchange

Novak Djokovic Asutralian OpneMumbai: Following his quarter-final victory at the Australian Open, Novak Djokovic engaged in a lighthearted on-court interview with Nick Kyrgios. The exchange, characterized by mutual respect and playful banter, provided a refreshing moment amidst the competitive games the Australian Open, fondly called the Slam of The Greats, is offering.

Kyrgios, known for his flamboyant personality and unorthodox style, took on the role of interviewer, probing Djokovic about his preparations and motivations. Djokovic, with his characteristic composure and wit, readily engaged in the playful questioning, even revealing a humorous superstition involving a pre-match lucky tree.

Kyrgios took an opportunity to ask Djokovic, who is chasing his 25th career Grand Slam, about his ritual of hugging a specific tree for success. The question invited a humorous response from Djokovic, "I'll show you the tree. You can't tell anyone. It's a big secret. You gotta take off your shoes and climb to the highest point and hang upside down on one of the highest branches for 33 minutes and 3 seconds. Then you're gonna win a slam." Djokovic jokingly responded to help the crowd erupt (again) but this time with laughter.

The hilarious exchange on the court was a great reminder of the camaraderie and sportsmanship that can exist even in the fiercely competitive world of tennis, especially between two players who have played out some of the most memorable games against each other. The Australian Open has entered a crucial phase, with exciting match-ups throughout the week leading up to the final day on January 28th. Sony Sports Network is offering live coverage of all the tennis action from the Australian Open, with commentary available in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, featuring Indian tennis legends, including Sania Mirza.