Bengaluru off-roaders win JK Tyre Orange 4x4 Fury championship

Itanagar: Team BODA (Bangalore Offroad Drivers Association) overcame obstacles and won JK Tyre Orange 4x4 Fury championship, an off-roading event, which concluded on Saturday in Arunachal Pradesh's Dambuk village.

The team members presented their driving skills across various terrains including water, land and hills, to emerge victorious.

The event was part of the Orange Festival of Adventure & Music, which will end on Sunday.

The BODA team's Siddarth Santosh and Lokesh Shivaraja, assisted by co-drivers Prithviraj and Sanjay, played it safe in the last two stages.

The team finished fourth and collected just 166.5 points on Saturday, but that was enough to give them a cumulative total of 830.75 points and the trophy.

The two-car and four member team showed great coordination and courage as they crossed three 10-foot long pits by using wooden planks that were just as wide as their tyres.

Defending champions Kabir Waraich and Gurmeet Virdi of Team Gerrari from Chandigarh finished second. They got a total of 745.25 points.

The local northeast team, led by Ujjal Namshum Chow and Aditya Mein, stood third.

The individual category for local drivers saw Meoseng Namsoom and his teammate Tainum Mein showcasing their driving skills to become the champions.

They collected 680 points over the three days, and unlike the team competition, they didn't have a second car to help them past the obstacles.