ProHealth Asia world-class physiotherapy and rehab center launched in Delhi

Jyoti Randhawa Pro HealthDelhi: ProHealth Asia launched its world-class, specialized high-end ProHealth Asia Physiotherapy and Rehab center in New Delhi today. Spread over 4200sq. ft. in the plush Defence Colony area of the capital, the new facility is modeled on ProHealth Asia’s successful clinics in Hong Kong for over two decades. ProHealth Asia provides high-end, modern and well-appointed clinics for patients to relax in a private environment to evaluate and assess symptoms prior to treatment.

ProHealth Asia Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre in New Delhi, specializes in a wide range of problems from chronic neck and back pain to acute sports injuries and a wide range of condition from post-surgery rehabilitation, postural workstation ergonomics and women's healthcare for both pre-natal and post-natalprograms. The hands-on treatments are unique and patients can expect thorough assessments, expert analysis and evaluation, matched with a specially designed treatment plan and expert care.Private consultations begin with an initial assessment, expert evaluation and initial treatment followed by a customized therapy plan to set goals and get you back on living life to the fullest. The therapy plans often include manual therapy techniques, acupuncture/ dry needling, self-directed exercise programs and strategies that look into your lifestyle.

“People think about physiotherapy only when they are in pain and even then, it’s often done as random or ad-hoc sessions. At ProHealth Asia Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre, our approach is different, but simple. We use the traditional concepts of physiotherapy, mainly in the form of manual manipulation, complemented by unique techniques that help “speed” up your body’s healing process. And match this with a rather specially designed recovery plan that’s right for you. We don’t just treat you to relief pain temporarily, our service promise is to lead you onto the road to full recovery and to care for you at every step of the way”, said Abhinav Gorawara, Managing Partner, ProHealth Asia.

World-renowned physiotherapist, Ms. Philippa Stewart, Director and Physiotherapist currently managing SPI ProHealth Asia Ltd based in Hong Kongand equipped with over two decadesof expertise in this field, is spearheading the team in India and the ProHealth Physiotherapy Academy that is also specially set up in India. The goal of the academy is to train and build the existing knowledge of Physiotherapists and to enable them to effectively treat any musculosketal condition with best practice solution from around the world. The curriculum of the academy is centered around 5 core Areas-Sports Medicine, Pilates Rehab; Dry Needling & soft tissue technique, Spinal mobilization & management, Patient management & customer service.

Renowned physiotherapists from the industry form the panel of experts at ProHeath Asia Physiotherapy & Rehab center in New Delhi. Mr. Shrikant Iyengar a well-known name in the field and former chief physiotherapist of the Indian Hockey Team since a decade along with Mr. Saurabh Mathur, renowned physiotherapist from Gangaram Hospital, Delhi along with a well-qualifiedteam of eight additional physiotherapists promise to provide patients the absolute best in assessment, diagnosis and treatment. A major part of the treatment focus is to provide real, easy to understand explanations of each patient’s problems and a treatment plan that leads to full recovery.
Using a unique blend of knowledge and handling skills to speed up the body’s natural healing processes and prevent further injuries, ProHealth Asia help promote good health by assisting patients in a more elaborate treatment plan that prevents further pain and injury.

Speaking on the efficacy and need of such a Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre in India, Mr. Jyoti Randhawa, eminent Golfer and Partner, ProHealth Asia said, “People who are avid sportsmen, require high-level performance and an added demand is placed upon their body, which stresses their muscles, joints and bones. Sports physiotherapists help athletes recover from sporting injuries, and provide education and resources to prevent problems. I am delighted to now have partnered with the ‘Pro’s’ at sports physiotherapy, Pro Health Asia, here in India. Philippa and team have helped me on several occasions to be on top of my performance in my career and continue to help me. I am delighted that many more Indian sportsmen can now benefit from their experience, knowledge, skilled assessment and diagnosis of sports injuries, and use effective 'hands-on' management techniques and exercise protocols to assist recovery and prevent injury.”