Airtel Delhi Half Marathon surpasses all previous records to raise a total of INR 7.26 crores

Arvind Kejriwal Delhi CM at the Unveling of the Charity Docket of the Airtel Delhi Half MarathonNew Delhi: Raising the bar of philanthropy in the city, the eighth edition of the world’s prestigious Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) has surpassed all previous records to raise a total of INR 7.26 crores towards charity. This is a significant increase of almost 100% from last year and the highest ever funds raised in the history of ADHM, since the inception of the event in 2005.

In only its second year of association, India Cares Foundation, the Philanthropy Partner through the combined efforts of Procam and the NGOs, the donors and the participants, along with the citizens of Delhi have responded magnanimously. With this contribution, the event has firmly placed itself as one that combines the spirit of sportsmanship with that of social empowerment.

70 companies, 110 corporate teams and 7008 individuals supporting over 100 NGOs, came forward to bring about a positive change and impact the lives of many.
The philanthropic drive associated with all Procam International distance running events has one significant factor – transparency. Every year a docket is released which has all the facts of funds raised through the event, including featuring fundraising NGOs, individuals and companies.

Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi and Chief Patron of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon earlier speaking at the unveiling of Charity Docket, said “It was a privilege to be part of the Airtel delhi half marathon and it was heartening to see the spirit of the youth on that day. I am very happy that the event has raised record amount of money for charity. Coming from the NGO sector myself, I know how difficult it is to raise funds. It's great to see ADHM is providing a good and transparent platform for NGOs raise funds. I would like to congratulate the NGOs for their great work and best of the luck for the next edition of ADHM”.

Speaking on the occasion, Murray Culshaw, Chairman and Founder, India Cares Foundation, said, "India Cares is extremely pleased with the connect, engagement and response of the people of Delhi & NCR region towards the participating NGOs of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2015.​ This platform is certainly increasing the confidence of individuals and companies to support a wide range of causes, which resulted in a record amount being raised this year.”

An interesting aspect of the event is the Youth Cares category, which is aimed at encouraging young philanthropist and instills the act of giving from an early age. A Youth Cares team comprises of individuals/students in the age group of 12 years to 21 who commit to raise a minimum of INR 50,000 thousand as a team, through pledges for a charity or cause of their choice. The Youth Cares teams at ADHM have collectively raised INR 23,77,250 lakhs benefitting 5 NGOs.

The funds raised by the runners will champion the causes of social service, youth vocational training, women and child empowerment, environment and animal welfare and many others. The spirit of philanthropy of the event lived up to and exceeded the standards set by preceding events organized by the proponents on Indian running, Procam International.

In his concluding remarks, Vivek B Singh, Joint MD of Procam International, said, “The amounts raised for charity through the half marathon have increased tremendously and this year we have managed to break all records with a 100% increase in the funds contributed. The fact that the event has been able to make such a remarkable impact on society, year after year, is a testament to its ability to bring together the masses in support of various causes. This success would not have been possible without the support of the Delhi Government, city authorities, sponsors, our well-wishers and the runners who help make our dreams for this run a reality, every year.”


  • Care Champion (Individuals who undertake to raise a minimum of ` 5 lakh in donations for their chosen cause.)
  • Highest Fundraiser and Care Champion Diamond – DWARAKA PANDURANGI – raised Rs. 7,067,608 in support of Vidya Sagar
  • 2nd highest fundraiser and Care Champion Diamond - MADHAVI GUPTA - raised Rs. 5,646,837 in support of Muskaan
  • Care Champion Gold (Individuals who undertake to raise a minimum of ` 2.50 lakh in donations for their chosen cause)
  • KUNAL BHARDWAJ, 4,53,200, Lotus Petal Charitable Trust (NGO)
  • Care Champion Silver (Individuals who undertake to raise a minimum of ` 1 lakh in donations for their chosen cause)
  • VERONIQUE DINAND – raised Rs. 3,99,600 in support of Educational and Development Initiative

Youth Cares (Teams of 3 individuals between the age group of 12 years to 21 years each team aiming at raising a minimum of ` 50,000 for their chosen NGO)
- Highest Fundraising Team: Youth Cares – ATISH KUMAR SAHU, SATRAJ KHAN, SANA – raised Rs. 12,02,508 in support of Lotus Petal Charitable Trust

- 2nd Highest Fundraising Team: Youth Cares – NIL KUSUM LAKRA, PREETI MUNDA, MONIKA PAWAN – raised Rs. 8,25,140 in support of Educational and Development Initiative

Corporate Cares (Companies who field teams of 40, 25 or 10 employees contributing a minimum of a pre-determined amount for the NGO of the company's choice)

- Highest Corporate Contribution – KPMG – raised Rs. 31,50,000

- 2nd Highest Corporate Contribution – METLIFE – raised Rs. 27,45,000

- Highest Corporate Cares – FLUOR INDIA – raised Rs. 16,43,000

iCare fundraisers (Individual who raise funds of any amount in support of an NGO or cause he/ she chooses)

Highest Individual iCare Fundraiser – SOUVIK DAS GUPTA – raised Rs. 2,98,001

- 2nd Highest Individual iCare Fundraiser – AMITA MISHRA – raised Rs. 2,81,502 in support of Udayan Care

- Highest Fundraising NGO – BHARTI FOUNDATION – raised Rs. 89,51,600

- 2nd Highest Fundraising NGO – VIDYA SAGAR – raised Rs. 70,58,108

- 3rd Highest Fundraising NGO – MUSKAAN – raised Rs. 69,65,893