Karan and Ankita master the greens once again

Junior GolfBangalore: Bangalore once again opened its greens for the Callaway Golf Junior Tour. Callaway Golf India, in association with the K&A Golf, organized the 6th leg of the tour at the Clover Greens Golf Course, Bangalore on Thursday.

All were awed to see the Karan Arjun hitting it to the victory once again as he showcased the best of his swings on the golf course.

One could easily see Ankita Kedlaya passion for golf as she emerged the winner in the Category B girls.  Scoring 2 birdies and an Albatross, Ankita surely is the rising star in golf.

It was a lucky day for Neeraj Shetty too who emerged victorious in the Category E and is heading his little steps towards success in golf.

It was a weekday well spent at the Clover Golf Course both by the children and parents who enjoyed to the fullest today and watched their kids writing the new pages of history in golf.

The gifts for the juniors from Glaxosmithkline, The Sara Group, Clarks Inn Hotels, Chi and Coca Cola along with Callaway caps and balls, further increased the enthusiasm of the golfers.

The Callaway Golf Junior Tour is now ready to go to Kolkata and Noida for its’ 7th and 8th leg respectively post which the long awaited National Final will take place at Jaypee Greens Golf Course in June 2012. The winners of the final will then get a chance to play at the Callaway Junior World Championship 2012 in San Diego, California.


Category A (boys) Karan Arjun (35 points, winner); Partha Chandak – (27 points, runner up)

Category B (boys) B C Ganapathy (27 points, runner up); Raoul Dias – (10 points, runner up)

Category A & B (girls) Ankita Kedlaya (27 points, winner); Shruthi Shenoy – (25 points, runner up)

Category C (boys) Sai Venkat Chukka (32 points, winner); Pratheek Nagaprasad – (28 points, runner up)

Category D (boys) Aryan Roopa Anand (19 points, winner); Aryan Kota– (19 points, runner up)

Category C & D (girls) Harnemat Toor – (25 points winner); Tiya Chowdary– ( 18 points, runner up)

Category E (boys & girls)Neeraj Shetty – (17 points winner); Ananjan Kaushik – (16 points, runner up)