There is not much that bowlers or captains can do when Rohit Sharma is on song: Gavaskar

There is not much that bowlers or captains of teams can do when Rohit Sharma bats like he did at the Eden Gardens against Kolkata Knight Riders, writes Sunil Gavaskar in his column in The Times Of India. Gavaskar writes, “Rohit Sharma has loads of talent and ability and because he combines it with elegance, he is often misunderstood when he gets out. It was the same with David Gower because when most others get out they look clumsy, but the elegant ones like Rohit, Gower, Viswanath looked in no trouble even when they got out and so convey the impression that it was a casual shot.”

Gavaskar adds that this century should make Sharma hungry for more such match-turning innings. “He has been on the fringe of the national team for a couple of years now and this is the one way he can force himself in the eleven, by getting centuries in all forms of the game,” writes Gavaskar.

According to a Hindustan Times report, Pune Warriors paceman Ashish Nehra said the controversy surrounding Sourav Ganguly’s place in the team had no effect on the performance of the players. He said the skipper was “rested” in the team’s match against RCB. “As far as I know, Ganguly took rest in the team’s previous match and later I came to know that he is playing today. I don’t know much about the so-called controversy,” said Nehra on Sunday.

Sourav Ganguly and Co might have lost the 'prestige fight' against Kolkata Knight Riders a few days ago here, but in the internet popularity war, based on a survey by search engine giant Google, the Pune Warriors India are stand out winners, says a report in The Indian Express.

In fact, when the survey was done in a regional interest basis of West Bengal, the Warriors defeated Knight Riders by an overwhelming margin of 81-44, the survey indicated.

According to the Google India survey based on maximum 'hits', the Warriors, who are languishing at the second last position of the table, rank second in popularity when pitted against the top four teams of the IPL standings.

In fact the survey put Kolkata Knight Riders at the bottom of its standings as Mumbai Indians were found to be the most 'Googled' team.