Manchester United defeat Chelsea 2-0, revive fight for EPL title

Jose Mourinho 12Manchester: Manchester United defeated visiting and English Premier League (EPL) leaders Chelsea 2-0 at the Old Trafford to revive the fight for the title on Sunday.

Marcus Rashford opened the scoring for the hosts seven minutes into the first half and Ander Herrera scored the second goal just four minutes into the second half, reports EFe.

Jose Mourinho's squad avenged its 1-4 humiliation at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge in the first half of the season and the 0-1 FA Cup quarter-finals defeat against Antonio Conte's Blues.

Sunday's home victory is the Red Devils' first against Chelsea at the Old Trafford since a 3-1 win in the first leg of the 2011-2012 season.

Manchester United now have 60 points and is in fifth place, just four points behind Manchester City, and the two teams will clash by the end of this month.

Chelsea still lead the standings with 75 points but are now threatened by the Tottenham Hotspurs, with 71 points and in second place.

Tottenham's hopes of winning the EPL were revived by Chelsea's defeat.