My Favorite Sports Memories

my memoriesIf you are or had been into sports or is even just a sports lover, there might have been numerous instances on and off the field which must have increased the adrenaline level in you. There might have been occasions which must have made you feel like a hero on your own self. There might have been achievements (even if was an inter-house match in your school) which must have made you feel on the top of this world.

And if even in the remotest corner of your heart, you want the world to know about those accomplishments, which in most probability go unnoticed, Indian Sports News has come up with this column that provides you a great way to share your sporting experiences with the masses.


Let us enter the time machine and travel back to our childhood/school/college days. The time when we used to play for hours long and our parents reminded us that we have a home to stay!

Please join & share your memories/experiences... or you can email us your story to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.