Is Mourinho the right man for the Red Devils?

footballThere are lots of rumours going around Old Trafford about the possible takeover by Jose Mourinho from LVG. But there is one question which is going through minds of not only the Man United fans but also the football Fans that is the special one the right man at the Theatre of Dreams?


First of all if you look at the tradition of Man United, they are always known for playing attacking football and it is the criticism which is placed on LVG as his style of play has not produced many goals. If we look at the previous clubs managed by Jose, you will see him placing more emphasis on defence expect at Real Madrid, where he was more liberal. For Jose, it’s about just winning rather than how you are winning? So his style of play will not suit Man United.


Mourinho was never known to bring about young talents and he is ‘not good’ at judging talents and let Kevin De Bruyne and Lukaku leave Chelsea as he considered them unfit for the team and both have gone to become very good players. During his reign at Chelsea, there were no major talents who came through the ranks and made it big at Chelsea. But Man United was always known for developing and having good home grown players from the Class of 92 to the current team.


There were rumours that the Man United board wanted Jose to take over from Sir Alex but they later decided against it, as they felt that his off-field activities like ‘disrespect’ towards the press, etc, would affect the name of the club as they are popular worldwide. During his time at the Los Blancos, he had issued ‘statement’ against Ronaldo, which was one of the reasons which led to his ‘sacking’. Also if he takes over, he would want his team of back room staff as they have been with him all these years, which would affect Ryan Giggs and Man United needs to take a wise decision as Ryan is in line to take over the “Job” at Man United in the near future and also he is a fan favorite. So letting him go will no go down well good with the fans.


With PEP taking over the blue half of Manchester, the Red Devils need some strong manager to lead them. Jose is a strong man but the Man United board will have to risk the reputation of the club if they are hiring him. The best decision for the club is to hire a manager for the next two years from the available and then let Ryan Giggs take over because by then he would become more matured. It’s the best step forward for the club considering the current options.