Procam International announces detailed arrangements for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2015

New Delhi: Procam International, promoters of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, unveiled the Route Map for the event and outlined the medical facilities and other arrangements that will be put in place for the 34,000 plus participants expected to run on race day at a media conference at the J L N Stadium on Wednesday.

Present Mukesh Meena, Joint Commissioner of Police (ACB), Sharad Agarwal, Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Hugh Jones-Race Director, Tamorish Kole-Medical Director, Max Health Care and Vivek B Singh, Jt. MD, Procam International.

Hugh Jones - Race Director, ADHM - Over the last 11 years of  half marathon we have realised a trend of running finding its way as a recreational sport in the country. With events such as ADHM, more and more people have recognised running as a single most important activity to improve the quality of life. We are very proud that top international athletes frequent ADHM every year and that the eventrecord time is almost touching the word record. The immaculate course decided for the Airtel Delhi half Marathon each year has enabled us to record fast timings year after year.

Mr. Mukesh Meena, Joint Commissioner of Police (ACB), Delhi Police - Delhi Police is grateful to the organisers of ADHM for bringing the spirit of marathon to Delhi and we feel very positive about the event. Delhi Police has made all the arrangements in terms of security, law and order and traffic to ensure a smooth and incident free event.

He further added that ADHM and Delhi Police are working even closer as 21 teams of 3 member each (men and women) will compete against each other in the Police Cup within the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon for a special award to be presented by the Commissiner of Delhi Police.

Tamorish Kole - Director Emergency Medicine, Max Healthcare and Medical Director, ADHM gave an additional trip to the runners as he mentioned that incorrect posture leads to more running issues than dehydration alone. He urged runners to follow ADHM where A stands for Adjustment of time - run faster in the first half keeping with the time and keep the second half steady. D stands for Drink lots of juices and energy drinks but avoid alcohol the night before the race, H stands for Hip extension exercises for 15  minutes every day and M stands for running more than 1 Marathon to get the body tuned to the sport.

Max Healthcare will ensure that every participant has a safe run and has made elaborate arrangements for the same.  Dr Tamorish Kole, Director - Emergency Medicine, Max Healthcare and Medical Director, ADHM 2015 said, “At Max Healthcare, it has been our continuous endeavour to provide best-in-class medical and service excellence to our patients. We have been health partners with ADHM for four years now and year-on-year we make certain that we are well-prepared to ensure the best possible medical care to the runners. Marathons are extremely exerting in nature and it is crucial to be prepared for all health-related eventualities.

 He further added, “7 of our ambulances which are fully equipped with state-of-the art life support systems will be stationed at the venue on the day of the marathon. The 2 Medical base stations and the 6 medical stations will be manned by our team of emergency medical professionals who have the experience of handling such large-scale events. We at Max Healthcare can assure the runners, that they will have the best medical care at their disposal and can run tension-free.”

There will be 6 medical stations and 2 base camps on route supervised by 75 doctors, 50 physiotherapists and 100 plus nurses. There will be one Base Camp at the Start and Finish of the Half Marathon and the Great Delhi Run and the second base camp at the Start/Finish of the Senior Citizens’ Run.

To keep all participants sufficiently hydrated there will be 14 water stations along the route, from where around 93,000 litres of water will be distributed. These water stations will also distribute special energy drink and oranges to the participants.

Besides these arrangements, there will be sufficient Law & Order and Traffic Police on Race Day to prevent any untoward incidents. 800 private security guards along with more than 1200 volunteers, 126 bouncers and 32 CC TV Cameras will supplement the security efforts.

On Race day, for security reasons, only registered participants of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2015, wearing the right bib and event’s official crew, will be allowed entry into the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. You must make arrangements to meet your family/friends/supporters only outside the stadium premises.

There will be 7 Ambulances available on Race Day, located at Lodhi Road & Bishma Pitamah Marg junction, Mathura Road, Subramanim Bharti Marg, Zakir Hussain Marg and India Gate, Rajpath & Janpath, Red Cross and Sansad Marg, following SCR from the 1st Junction and JNS (Base Camp-I).

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon will be telecast live on Star Sports 4 from 6:30 am onwards. Half Marathon Elite Men will kick-off at 6:40am, Half Marathon Elite Women will kick-off at 6:50am followed by DHL Corporate Champions at 6:55am, Half marathon Amateurs at 7:10am, Champions with disability at 7:35 am followed by Senior Citizen’s run at 8:00am and Great Delhi Run at 9:35am.