Importance of fitness brought me into bodybuilding: Nicole Nagrani

Nicole NagraniNicole Nagrani is half Indian as her father is from Lucknow. She is a full time medical student and started competing at the age of 14. She was among the top contenders at the 2010 Bikini Olympia and won the competition a year later. She speaks to Gaurav Jha from Indian Sports News about why she chose this sport, her special connection with India and much more. Excerpts:

ISN: First of all tell us how does it feel to be in India?
Nicole:  It is great to be here. As you will know that I am half Indian, so I have heard a lot of stories about India from my father. This is my second time here and I just love to be here in India. The people here are great and I am hoping to have an exciting time here.

Nicole NagraniISN: Why did you choose bodybuilding going by how tough the sport is?
Nicole: As you would know that I am a medical student so from there I came into this. My passion is in medicines and that brought me here. My studies told me how important it is to be fit. When I was young my blood report showed that I had high cholesterol, I started work-out since then. My parents too have always taken this fitness aspect very seriously so that is one more reason.

ISN: How difficult it is to pursuit medical studies and compete in these tournaments?
Nicole: It is not difficult at all. I enjoy doing what I do and that is very important. Yes, sometimes it does get difficult but because I enjoy this so much it is ok.

ISN: What do you do to maintain your body in good shape?
Nicole: Eating right is very important. I know that I have to step on to the stage and for that I need to be in perfect shape. I take 5-6 small meals every day. Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits is very important. In terms of work-out, I exercise for two and a half hours during tournament and one and a half hours in off seasons. I also make it a point to run at every opportunity.

ISN: Apart from winning the competition, what other goals you are carrying in your trip to India?
Nicole: My most important goal is to spread awareness among Indian women that how important it is to remain fit. I want to influence Indian women to start working out. They should step out and should focus on their fitness. I believe that if a woman is fit both mentally and physically then she will be able to do her job both at the office and at home very efficiently.

ISN: What according to you is the right age for a girl to start her career in body building?
Nicole: The girls should start eating healthy food from very early in their lives. They should know what they are eating and should eat effective food. Focusing on your health from very early age is very important. One should start working out in the late teens.

ISN: Your father is from Lucknow, any plans of going there?

Nicole: I will love to go there. I have heard so many stories about that place. Apart from that I will love to see Taj Mahal. I will go there this Sunday.                    

By Gaurav Jha
Indian Sports News Network

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