Mahindra ready for round 5 of World Championship

Mahindra ready for round five of World ChampionshipAfter a two week break from racing and a busy spell at the engine shop, Mahindra’s riders and team join forces again this weekend at the Montmeló circuit outside Barcelona for round five of 17 in the Moto3™ World Championship.

A tranche of new engine parts and the boost of having opened their World Championship score at the previous round will add further impetus to their efforts – race-developing the all-new all-independent Mahindra MGP-30 in the white heat of grand prix competition.

It was the younger Mahindra rider, Marcel Schrötter (19, from Germany), who bagged the points, in a gruelling race in which his refusal to give up in treacherous wet conditions earned him 12th place. Team-mate Danny Webb (21, from England) fell prey to the conditions, dashing his hopes of making the most of his skills on the wet track.

The Indian team, based in Italy, is facing a grid full of over-the-counter production racers with its own pure prototype – still at the beginning of its development and already able to mix it with the establishment. Mahindra has chosen this difficult path because engineering lessons learned offer greater research-and-development opportunities to the Indian manufacturer.

“We have had some challenging times, but the result at Le Mans shows that if we never give up and all work together, we can continue making progress. That is very much the Mahindra philosophy,” said Mahindra Racing’s CEO Mufaddal Choonia.

The Catalunyan GP is the second race this year in Spain, with Moto3 the first race of Sunday, over 22 laps of the 2.937-mile (4.727 km) circuit. The track is shared with Formula One, but does not use the chicanes put in for the cars.

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